The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 1

The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 1 is a combination of the songs that were named the 24 Featured Tracks of the Year at The Write Awards 2015-2106. You can download your copy of the album for free here or by visiting

The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 1

1- “The Moment” Cryptic Wisdom feat. Token (Tides of War III)

2- “Smoking Heavy” Scriptz feat. Loose Logic (Loosid Dreams 2.5)

3- “Question 2” Sleep (Branded: The Damon Winton Story)

4- “Can’t Bring Me Down” Enkay47 feat. Jessica Paige (Welcome To My Mind EP)

5- “More Than Myself” Savage Daffy (The Mad Hatter)

6- “The Vent” Scriptz (Transition EP)

7- “Contradictions” Chi Money (Spontaneous Inspiration)

8- “Come Down To Earth” Enkay47 feat. E the Rapper (Welcome To My Mind EP)

9- “1neday” Joel Venom (Curfew 2)

10- “Hollow” Loose Logic (Open Door Policy)

11- “Hit It Gone” Tre Tru feat. Yung Tek (HI 2 Da World)

12- No Love In Me” Legacy feat. Big Tone (Moment of Truth)

13- “When It Goes Down” Mid West Monsters (Underground Unleashed Vol. 1)

14-  “Don’t Talk About Me” Loose Logic feat. Cocaine Chris, Sleep, Menace DeMarco, Kue the Vandal, Xavier Medina, and S.H.A.D.O.W. (Perception)

15- “Watch This” Sleep feat. Monty C. Benjamin, Oska Isaiah, Ianigma, and Santino Corleon (The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era)

16- “E-Dub Radio” E-Dub (Overrated and Undereducated)

17- “Dead God” Jus Ra (Blood Sacrifice)

18- “Don’t Try” Cryptic Wisdom feat. The Jokerr and Dubbs (Tides of War III)

19- “We The Underground” Dubbs, Badluck, and Cryptic Wisdom (Underground Unleashed Vol. 1)

20- “The Trillxst” Joel Venom (ToDejaVu)

21- “Jumper” Playboy the Beast, Badluck, and Crossworm (Underground Unleashed Vol. 1)

22- “So Hard” Tre Tru feat. Chill Scrill and Dub Sesh (HI 2 Da World)






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