Interview with Enkay 47

Warren Peace (WP)-

Hello, everyone! Thanks for joining us. On behalf of The Write Reviews, I’m Warren Peace. I have the opportunity to talk to an incredibly talented young man that goes by the name of Enkay 47.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to speak with me. I’m going to begin this interview by asking the usual three  questions- Where are you from? Which artists were the first to influence you in hip hop? And what is the hip hop scene like where you are from?

Enkay 47 (47)-

Hey what’s up man? Thanks for giving me one of these haha, this is my first interview… For your first question, I stand proud (or sit and type valiantly in this case lol) when I say that I’m from Salem, Oregon. Second, I have numerous influences, but the most influential have to be The Beastie Boys, Tech N9ne, Nas, Eminem and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lastly, the hip hop scene where I live… To be completely honest, the rap scene here in Oregon as a whole isn’t really apparent. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the pleasure of networking with some very talented artists around here, but we still haven’t had any rap artist really take the world (or nation) by storm just yet. I do believe that this is more of a strength than a weakness though… The easiest way to kill something is to sneak up on it when it isn’t looking.


Over the course of a year, emcees have hundreds of contests they can participate in. Some have prizes that aren’t huge, but can prove to be very beneficial to artists. Others have huge prizes and can really help jumpstart a career for an emcee. Recently you decided to enter more of the well-known contests, hosted by the amazing instrumental engineer known as Anno Domini. Can you tell everyone how you found out about the contest and what gave you the desire to enter a contest that would include hundreds, or thousands, of other emcees from around the world?

Enkay 47-

Haha, it’s funny you should ask this since I’m just about to go meet Anno Domini in LA this week! Anyway, I found out about the contest from Facebook and decided to jump on it. As far as the reason goes, that’s a little harder to explain… I guess it was just tenacity. Hardly anyone has ever really supported my music and they’ve done everything in their power to make sure I know that. I guess this is just my way of saying “fuck you, you’re wrong about me.”


Once you submitted your entry for the contest, did you have any idea you would win? How confident were you that your entry would do well?


Enkay 47-

To be honest, I had NO idea I would win… I honest to God thought I wouldn’t make top 10. I have no idea if it’s because I took people’s negative opinions to heart when they said I was shit, or just a lack of self confidence in general, but I was extremely skeptical of even making top 10. In my contest entry’s song “The Gift,” Enkay47 was yelling at Nathan “If you don’t believe in yourself, then who the fuck will?/show so confidence! The problem is you don’t feel/like you can ever succeed so then you don’t build/on any past mistakes, the pain is so real.” The whole song was an alteration of viewpoints on confidence and self assurance between Enkay47 and Nathan. He wanted Nathan to know that he has “a gift” and he should be proud of it regardless of what anybody says.


I’m not sure of everything that was included in the package for the Grand Prize Winner. Can you tell everyone what it felt like to be announced as the Grand Prize Winner of the Anno Domini contest and everything you were awarded for winning the contest?


When I found out I won, I was actually at work making pizzas (I worked at HomePlace, a restaurant in Silverton, Oregon) and I just went on break when my phone blew up with notifications saying I won the Anno Domini contest. It was crazy haha. As far as what my prizes were, I got a shit ton instrumentals from the extremely talented producers at Anno Domini Nation, as well as a personal invitation to their Platinum Circle group, an interview and $1000 cash. That was the best break I ever had at HomePlace…


You recently released your EP titled “Welcome To My Mind”, which includes the track that won the Anno Domini contest. How does it feel to have your project completed and out there for the people to hear? I know you had a review of the album posted at The Write Reviews. How did you react to the review, and have you received any other feedback on the album from anyone else?



It feels great. I really liked the project, especially for a first one. However, I’ll be highly disappointed if the next album isn’t significantly better. With your review, I thought you were spot on. I read it several times to verify your thoroughness and I must say that you looked under every nook and cranny!


Other than the chorus sung by Jessica Paige, who has an incredible voice by the way, the only other artist featured on the album is E’ the Rapper. Can you tell us why you chose those two artists to be featured on your album? Are there any artists you are working with or would like to work with on any future projects?


The reason I chose those artists was because of their styles. Jessica has a very powerful/haunting voice that I believed would pair seamlessly with mine, while E’ The Rapper was something else. The whole reason I chose E was because I look up to him as an artist. He’s a great rapper that a lot of people collaborate with, but not many outshine him on a track (or even match him for that matter) so I wanted to see how I would fare. For future collaborations I have some big plans. I’m not releasing that information yet, but I have several phenomenal features in store for the next project at the very least.


Speaking of future projects, are you currently working on or planning anything? Do you have any projects that you released before the “Welcome To My Mind” EP?


Yes, I plan on making the “Welcome To My Mind LP” and it will be set to release in 2017 or 2018 depending on what I feel is best. I am working on new material constantly though so regardless you’ll hear new music. And no, “Welcome To My Mind EP” was my first project ever.


Are you currently working with any labels? If not, do you have a desire to or are you more of an independent artist that prefers to work solo?


I’ve decided to stay independent for the time being, but if a great opportunity arises in the near future I’d definitely sign to a label.


Before we bring this to a close, is there anything you would like to say to everyone out there? Do you have any links you would like to lave the people so they can follow you on social media or check out some of your music?


All I have to say is I plan to make something of myself as an artist and an individual. I WILL be successful no matter what, and unlike most that say that, I have the tenacity to back it up. Here’s my iTunes link to the “Welcome To My Mind EP.”

Welcome to My Mind by Enkay47


That concludes the interview with Enkay 47. Once again, I would like to thank Enkay 47 for taking part in this interview. Go get the “Welcome To My Mind” EP! It’s a great album! Thanks to all of you for joining us in learning more about Enkay 47. The Write Reviews will have another interview posted soon. Until then, this is Warren Peace signing off and getting back to work!

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