Interview with Little Smooth

Warren Peace (WP)-

Here we are with Little Smooth for The Write Reviews. Little Smooth’s album “Dirty Money Soldier Vol. 2” will be reviewed on our site a little later in the month, so we thought it would be good to have a talk with the artist and give everyone some background on Little Smooth. Let’s start things off by telling everyone where you’re from, who your first influences were in hip hop, and tell us what the hip hop scene is like where you are from…

Little Smooth-

Appreciate the opportunity here. I am from the Midwest. Des Moines, Iowa to be precise. Shout out to the 515! My early influences would have to be Mystikal, Nelly, and Eminem, no doubt. They were all over the radio. And they had them hits! The local scene? There’s a lot of talent here. Regardless. But I see a lot more of things from an outsiders point of view. I don’t go out to clubs, or bars, or shows for that matter. There’s a lot of drama that goes on with some of these get togethers, but I’m sure that happens everywhere. Shout out to my locals!


Many great rock musicians have come from the land of Iowa. Do you feel those musicians influence your music and the overall hip hop scene in Iowa?

Little Smooth-

Ya know, I really don’t. I know a couple people that may see it differently, but from my point of view, I just don’t see it. Now, there may be people here, that listen to both genres, and may intertwine the two. But you’d have to ask somebody else; I can’t speak for others.


What can you tell us about “Dirty Money Soldier Vol. I”? Do you have any other previous albums? Before The Write Reviews puts “Dirty Money Soldier Vol. 2” under the microscope, is there anything about the album you would like to discuss?

Little Smooth-

Dirty Money Soldier : Volume 1… Ya know, I don’t even remember what songs were on that. It was quickly put together with no thought behind it. And Volume 2 was the remaining songs I had put out, which needed to go on disk. This was also quickly put together with no solid thought behind it. Plus, I had already made a 1 and couldn’t just leave it at that.


What future projects and/or shows does Little Smooth have in store for everyone?

Little Smooth-

There are plans for a future EP release, which is yet to be determined. There is, however, thought behind this next project. You should keep an ear to the street for that one. The shows come and the shows go. I’m more focused on building on what I’ve been working on these last few months.


Would you like to tell everyone how they can connect with you on social media and where they can find your music online?

Little Smooth-

You can find me on Facebook at  I apologize for the numbers; I ain’t got around to it. Haha. But you can follow that link, though! You can follow me on Twitter @5Little1Smooth5. You can follow me on Instagram @The_Real_Little_Smooth. is the link for my music online. Working on building up a new youtube account, as well.


Thanks for your time and letting me interview you, Little Smooth. I’m sure everyone will be keeping an eye out for the review on “Dirty Money Soldier Vol. 2” at The Write Reviews. We’ll have another interview for everyone soon!

Little Smooth-

I’d like to thank you guys for your time and I’d like to give a quick Shout out to each and every single person that reads this.

Yall be easy and stay blessed.

This #KIOSKEnt.

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Warren Peace writes...
Warren Peace writes…

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