Instrumental Engineer ’15-’16

Instrumental Engineer of the Year



When it comes to The Gonz, there is no question he has an ear for creating fantastic instrumentals. He is not scared to experiment and branch out, using a wide range of sounds and tempos at his disposal. Being a member of The Fraternity, The Gonz has several different emcees he works with and finds a way to keep everything entertaining and interesting on the music side of things.

With lyricism being The Gonz’s gateway into creating hip hop music, it is easy to see how The Gonz was able to develop a delicate ear for instrumentals. An incredible writer, The Gonz has penned many intricate rhymes with clever content, but decided being a rapper wasn’t really his cup of tea. A short time later, he found himself creating instrumentals that were receiving a lot of plays. It has only been a few years now, and The Gonz is making himself known.

With entire albums under his belt (“Free Lunch“, “Open Door Policy“, and “The Definition of Insanity“) as the only instrumental engineer, The Gonz has proven to have the ability to roll out entire projects on complete separate ends of the spectrum in terms of sound and the main ideas behind the albums. Add some key beats on “The H. W. Bush/Clinton Era” and not only do you have an incredible range with the selection, you have two albums that were given classic ratings and a third album just missing the mark. If this is a sign of things to come, The Gonz is going to make his mark in hip hop, and his work ethic will continue to impress while pushing him to the forefront.

Albums Reviewed Featuring
Beats from TheGonz






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