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“Underground Unleashed Vol. 1” seemed to come out of nowhere, especially at The Write Reviews. At the time, The Write Reviews had several back-to-back mediocre reviews (except for AxBo’s “Conquest”) and was appearing to lose steam heading into the new year. Fortunately, The Write Reviews was presented with “Underground Unleashed Vol. 1” and was able to churn out a review for the compilation album featuring over thirty emcees on the last day of the year, December 31st.

This album has track after track of quality hip hop music, appealing to the audience with every single instrumental on the album. While the album may not have scored a classic rating, the one place you cannot lay blame is in the music department. With the number of instrumental engineers responsible for the twenty total tracks on “Underground Unleashed Vol. 1”, it is quite amazing how well every instrumental came together as a unit and was able to have similar enough sounds to the music that every transition between tracks became an afterthought. The person responsible for putting the track list in order should definitely get credit too, as the line up that was selected could not have been pieced together any better with the material that was provided.

If you are not a fan of compilation albums with too many emcees to name or attempt to keep up with, do yourself a favor and listen to this album anyway. You can use the music as an excuse, and believe me, it will be the only excuse you need.

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