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Throughout time, many artists have shown flashes of brilliance, but only the greatest of artists are able to do so on a consistent basis while making it appear as if it’s just another routine day in their world.

The young man reaching your ear drums from Japan proved to be an amazingly reliable artist when it came to randomly selecting a song and hoping that song would be worthwhile. Actually, he began to become so reliable in this aspect that one became confident enough to bet on every song being entertaining, clever, well executed, emotionally-moving, and filled with subject matter of substance. While there were a few artists who displayed this type of consistency during the course of a single album that received a breakdown at The Write Reviews over the last year, there was one artist who received a breakdown by our top two review writers and critics on two separate albums yet managed to not only yield the same results both times, but also impressed both members of our staff immensely, to the point of having a sense of pride in the artist’s work just by simply listening to the albums.

Noah Yount, an emcee born in the state of Wisconsin and later moving to the country of Japan in his early adulthood, has a gift that is clearly displayed when he gets behind a microphone. Whether it is a track meant to get people moving to the music at a club, a sentimental song that somehow reaches into your heart for an emotional connection, or an instrumental laced with unleashed lyricism showcasing his ability and cleverness with words, Noah Yount is able to make nearly every song he spits on infectious with his charisma. He seemingly switches speeds within his delivery with minimal effort, puts together catchy hooks that latches onto listeners, and provides consistently captivating subject matter in every track he touches with his lyrics. 

The first album of Noah Yount’s to be reviewed on the website was Renaissance Mana 19-track album featuring a couple of artists Noah enjoys working with like Jae Mazor and C Piepz, as well as the four-headed, lyrically-respected cypher-Gods collectively known as the Horseshoe Gang. Every feature is well-placed and enhances the album overall, but make no mistake about it, Noah maintains the center of attention and provides plenty of diversity by himself in the 15 tracks he pushes through the speakers solo. After catching the attention of The Write Reviews’ staff with (at the time) recently released Renaissance Man, Noah Yount decided not to stop there. Presenting a second album for review, this one having been released a full year prior to Renaissance Man, Noah Yount dared to try his hand by having his older work critiqued AFTER his most recent, which is something most artists would never dream of doing because they feel their newest body of work is their best as they learn and grow with each new project. However, Noah Yount’s confidence in his craft would not be wavered, as he wasn’t concerned with anything other than wanting to see how he could grow and learn from every project he has released, hoping to have knowledge and insight shared with him that he might not have otherwise seen. Whuddisay is the title of the second album Noah would have critiqued at The Write Reviews, and the review would be conducted by a writer on The Write Reviews’ staff who had become known for being the hardest to impress. Regardless, Noah Yount did exactly that, scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars for the second consecutive time while leaving a lasting impression with another senior writer of the website.

Make no mistake, Noah Yount is an artist who takes his craft seriously, and could seriously leave a lasting imprint in hip hop at any given moment. As a fan, sleeping on Noah Yount is simply depriving yourself of a fantastic artist’s work and excellent music you would surely enjoy. As another artist, sleeping on Noah Yount will be something you will wish you had not done, especially if you find yourself going bar for bar with this versatile emcee hailing from overseas.

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